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What is Edith Hour?

Edith Hour is about investing time in yourself. We believe self-care is pretty damn important, so “me-time” is a non-negotiable. Spending an hour to break from the hectics of your day is important for the mind, body and spirit.


You do you.

Whether your Edith Hour means indulging in that (oh-so-worth-it) 24K gold mask, spending a little one-on-one time with your pooch, or using it as a reason to turn up your fave playlist and pop some champagne, Edith Hour is all about you.


Feeling good, looking good.

Our Ready Robe is made small-batch. What does that mean to you? Simply put, it means quality. Each piece is constructed with care and attention to detail, inspected, and packaged with love in Texas. We stress over the details so you can slip into your Edith Hour, feeling like a million bucks.


Meet the Founder

Known as the ultimate girly girl (and we mean that in the best way possible), Emily believes there should be beauty in everything. So what began as a lifetime obsession for fashion and glamour, grew into a passion for celebrating self-care. She set out to defy the shapeless robes and mundane sweats that mis-matched her spirit, and created the Edith Hour Collection—encouraging women take care of themselves.


Edith Hour was named after helen edith, Emily’s dearest grandmother who taught her to begin each day with her favorite lipstick, a beautiful smile, and her best foot forward.

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